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  • The Company’s policy on profit sharing for shareholders is to maximize it, while at the same time taking into account adequate levels of “realizing appropriate periodic profit returns to shareholders” and “maintenance of appropriate internal reserves that will enable flexible business operations.” In terms of profit sharing, based on this policy, the amount of dividends is set at 50% of net income (payout ratio of 50%) as a general rule. However, if the amount of dividends calculated at the payout ratio of 50% falls below the amount for the previous fiscal year, the amount is determined in consideration of the level of prior dividends after an adequate level of internal reserves is secured. In accordance with the medium- to long-term growth strategies, internal reserves are used mainly as funds for R&D and for new business developments in an effort to continually enhance corporate value. As an appropriate level for the scope of its business, the Company aims to hold three years of selling, general and administrative expenses as internal reserves, but also emphasizes management that recognizes capital efficiency from the standpoint of improving corporate value, and will execute capital measures that adequately consider the balance of both. Based on the above, the purchase of treasury stocks will be considered as a capital policy measure that takes into account a balance between maintenance of internal reserves and capital efficiency, while comprehensively taking into account factors such as improvement of capital efficiency and liquidity of stock.

  • Basic IR Policy

    Axell believes that the ultimate goal of IR activities should be to establish and maintain an appropriate stock price. Axell also understands that placing importance on communication with shareholders and investors to maximize corporate value is an important role of IR activities. In line with these principles, Axell will work to carry out the following:

    • - Improve corporate brand recognition
    • - Promote understanding of the Corporate Philosophy, business activities, and management strategy
    • - Proactive information disclosure without hindering Axell's competitive advantages
    • - Communication with shareholders and investors, and establishing a relationship of trust, etc.

    Standards for Timely Disclosure

    Axell will conduct timely and appropriate information disclosure in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, related laws and regulations, and rules of the stock exchanges on which Axell is listed (hereinafter the "Timely Disclosure Regulations"). Additionally, even for information for which these standards do not apply, if Axell determines that such information will have a significant impact on decision-making for investment in Axell or that it will be useful in furthering understanding of Axell, such information will be disclosed in an aggressive manner.

    Method of Timely Disclosure

    Concerning information to which Timely Disclosure Regulations apply, such information will be disclosed on the "TDNet" timely disclosure information platform provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Additionally, disclosed information will be posted on Axell's website as soon as possible.

    Silent Period

    当Concerning financial results, in order to prevent information leaks before announcements and ensure fairness, as a general rule, the period between the end of a quarter until the announcement of financial results is set as the silent period, during which Axell will not comment on questions concerning business results or related matters. However, this does not necessarily apply to questions concerning information that has already been made public. Additionally, even during the silent period, if events occur that require disclosure, disclosure will be made in a timely manner.

    Forward-looking Statements

    Among the information disclosed by Axell, information regarding earnings forecasts and other forward-looking statements are based on information available to Axell as of the date of disclosure, and include various risks and uncertain factors; actual business results may differ significantly from forecasts due to a wide range of uncertain factors

    No Investment Solicitation

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