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Expanding our
business field.

Our prowess in component technology, hardware and software has developed through our semiconductor business for the amusement industry. From this core technology, Axell’s business will expand to AI, blockchain, security and middleware, the technologies that are essential for the next generation.

As we can define these domains from a semiconductor level, we can offer unprecedented performances, or create them freely with our clients. To be the foundation of the world’s innovations, Axell will continue to expand business focusing on five business fields.

 Our prowess in three areas of development:Hardware, Software, Component technology Our five business fields:AI, Middleware, Blockchain, Semi-conductors, Security


Our semiconductors handle the varying needs of the amusement industry, which is under many restrictions. We will continue to advance and steadily produce semiconductors, including those designated for embedded devices.

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With integrated solutions that offer everything from training to inferencing for AI implementation, we will create a world in which users can enjoy AI effortlessly and quickly.

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We offer blockchain solutions based on technologies of running mining pools. The solutions range from building more efficient mining environments to building new systems that solve business issues.

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We bring optimized security by designing both hardware and software. You can manage your information safely in various situations using secret keys.

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Our middleware features data compression and transfer technologies developed through our work with the amusement industry. It enables new artistic expressions in video, audio and content.

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