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Supports blockchain
to spread across society.

Blockchain allows no data tampering, nor downtime. Blockchain technology overhauls conventional perceptions on the foundations of credit. However, blockchain has not been accepted widely enough across our society to fully utilize its potential.

The more people and companies use blockchain, the more it becomes safer, convenient and low-cost. We are looking to a future where blockchain is implemented across society, a future that is safe for everyone.

We will explore and present blockchain’s potential by utilizing encrypted assets and developing new systems.

Blockchain solution based on the technology
for operating mining pools.

Blockchain is an approach for recording and jointly managing transaction data with multiple computers constituting distributed networks. It achieves translucency, resistance against data tampering and falsifications, and secures high levels of universal reliability with the potential to become a new platform for various economic activities in the future. Through solutions based on the technology cultivated by operating the mining pool Vippool, Axell supports blockchain’s implementation in society.

Vippool Blockchain solution

Monacoin-based platforms

As an operator of one of Japan’s largest Monacoin mining pools Vippool, we offer an efficient mining environment with engineers who understand blockchain accurately and deeply, and with our prowess in hardware and software development. Crypto assets are said to have great potential, with many possibilities such as use for recording fees for microtransactions and blockchain, and for turning game items into tokens. We will make Japan-born encrypted asset Monacoin more user-friendly to help blockchain spread across society.

  • Running mining pool "Vippool"

    We have been running the mining pool since 2014, the year Monacoin was released. We offer one of Japan’s largest hashrates for Monacoin.

  • Offering mining hardware ”VMINE "

    This is the first made-in-Japan ASIC for altcoins that accommodates multi-hash including Monacoin. With Monacoin, we have achieved one of the world’s best performances per watt, enabling efficient Monacoin mining.


Solutions for businesses

We offer blockchain-based solutions to help businesses solve their issues. With our prowess in hardware and software development, and through our unique products and services, we offer a safer, securer and more convenient infrastructure.

  • Consulting

    We offer consulting on how blockchain can contribute to society and businesses based on our technologies and know-how developed through our experience.

  • Offering apps in which users can experience blockchain

    We offer "Blockchain Showcase," an application that gives users an opportunity to experience what blockchain can do. Using a browser and browser wallet, users can experience how to use tokens and save traceability Information.

  • Offering blockchain platforms

    To businesses, we offer blockchain platforms, based on open-source blockchain. The platforms can be deployed in any cloud environment, accommodating smart contracts and various applications.

  • Developing blockchain-based apps

    We develop and offer various applications that run on the blockchain platform you introduced. The apps will enable smart contracts and connections to other systems.

User Benefit

  • 01 User Benefit

    Achieving traceability

  • 02 User Benefit

    Issuing forgery-proof and falsification-proof certificates

  • 03 User Benefit

    Micro payments available

  • 04 User Benefit

    Offering blockchain platforms for businesses

  • 05 User Benefit

    Applicability to eco-points and points in games

  • 06 User Benefit

    More efficient mining platforms

Blockchain Showcase App

Blockchain Showcase App Blockchain Showcase App

Blockchain Showcase App

With this app, you can actually experience what blockchain is capable of.

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AXELL’s developer blog, with news on the latest blockchain technologies.

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