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  • Axell engages in CSR activities in recognition of its obligations as a company in society and places importance on activities that give back to society.

    The Axell CSR Vision

    • ■A structure and actions that corresponds to Axell's scale and vitality
      Establish a governance and compliance structure that corresponds to Axell's scale, and conduct activities in line with Axell's vitality and act to satisfy stakeholders
    • ■Develop differentiated products that will satisfy customer needs, conduct sales to produce profits, and aim for continuous growth
      • - To create a structure that will gain satisfaction from all those with whom Axell is engaged in business, including customers, suppliers, and trading companies (a WIN-WIN structure) by offering differentiated products and services. Additionally, to create jobs and establish sufficient incentives for employees (and their families)
      • - Fulfill tax obligation
    • ■Practice timely disclosure of corporate information, and provide thorough explanations at the General Meeting of Shareholders and investor meetings, etc. Recognize shareholder return as one of the important measures for management, and implement returns proportional to Company profits.
    • ■Integrate functions of products and promote SOC development to enable lower total system costs for customers, and allow for less waste to be produced as a result of using fewer parts within systems and others
    • ■Conduct actions as a member of society, and pursue not only personal benefits, but conduct social contribution within available means
      • - Educate semiconductor design engineers and related engineers (donate to educational institutions, hold seminars, etc.)
      • - Make donations that adhere to certain policies

    Examples of Achievements

    • - Educational program at the University of Tsukuba (education for embedded systems engineers)
    • - Donations of computers for educational purposes to municipalities, etc.
    • - Donations to the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research
    • - Donations to the Japan Heart Foundation
    • - Donations to Japan Fund for Global Environment of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency
    • - Contributions to various types of disaster relief funds and subsidies through the Japanese Red Cross Society