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Take your business
to a securer world.

Information can be tampered with, leaked, and hacked. Apps can be used illegally.

As the cloud prevails, we live in times where we need to question how we protect our information assets. Want safer, effortless, and user-friendly security?

We look to a society where security becomes part of our daily life. We are your businesses’ security partner.

We bring optimized security by designing both hardware and software.

Lately more users are taking to secret keys. But if you want to keep secret keys safe, you need to keep them physically away from your OS. As a developer with prowess in both hardware and software, we have developed a securer USB dongle. It is physically safe and can be used intuitively. It helps you manage your information securely in various situations requiring secret keys, including for licensing and authentications.


  • USB dongle designed from the UX standpoint

    Our USB dongle is designed with a strong focus on user-friendliness, so that anyone can enjoy security, stress-free.

  • Made-in-Japan for an enhanced sense of safety

    All our USB dongles and tools are developed and manufactured in Japan. They are reliable, have longevity, and we offer support in Japanese.

Security lineup for many purposes


    Protects and enables easy management of apps.

    Encrypts apps and prevents decryption without the USB dongle to enable you to manage licensing without altering your source code.


    Safely and effortlessly manages secret keys at login authentication.

    Compatible with industry-standard PKCS#11 and FIDO U2F, SHALO AUTH enables login by using a secret key enclosed in a USB security key. It can be used for many services, such as SSH and PDF encryption and two-phase GitHub authentication.

User Benefit

  • 01 User Benefit

    Can be effortlessly deployed with simple tools

  • 02 User Benefit

    Know-how leaks prevented even in joint development

  • 03 User Benefit

    Apps can be easily converted to a subscription-basis

  • 04 User Benefit

    Prevents illegal logins to web services

  • 05 User Benefit

    Enables safe VPN connections

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